Sophomore Year Research Paper

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Sophomore year had ended, and my summer had just begun. After a long wait to gain permission to go on a backpacking trip. My father gave me the approval. I took my love for the outdoors and began to explore it even more. It was day two on the Appalachian Trail. The rich robust smell of pine permeated the air. The Sparrows caroled, and the soothing warm glow of the sun, warmed my body as the elevation increased. I was completely engulfed in nature. As the trail progressed, a couple friends and I reached the first cairn. We were 500 feet from the summit of Mt. Avery. We soon took our last steps, lowered our bags, and shared smiles. Immediately we were taken hold of by the ear ringing silence. Not a gust of wind, nor a chirp from a bird, it was complete serenity. As we took in the view I realized something that changed me completely. I was…show more content…
The uncertainty of what comes next was gone, I was in the now. I knew if I filled my life with moments like these, following where my happiness takes me, everything will work out. The next day, as we egan the long drive home I thought back to my sophomore year. I was miserable, playing sports because that was the “cool” thing to do. I wasn’t doing doing what I loved and I wasn’t being myself. Now, my life doesn’t just have a path but a purpose, a found purpose.
I now spend more of my time in nature, alongside my dog or with friends enjoying what it provides for me. Whether it’s clearing my mind, coming to peace, or to adventure, it has become my home. I am motivated to teach others that if they follow their happiness they can create your own path, and make the life of their dreams. I want others to have memories like my backpacking trip, make life a journey, and craft it into exactly what they want. Whether it’s guiding people through the mountains or down the rapids I will always want to be a part of the
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