Sophor Leaving The Planet

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“I will lead this planet into its glory days”. Sophor was leaving the planet in sadness, but then saw that in her father’s room there was a will and it said, “ To Bob Ross: A painting of myself, To Chris: a pratt on the back, To Moki: My room and possessions, and to Sophor: The Planet” Sophor looked at this and couldn't believe it. She was the queen of Drasga! She ran and told Moki. “Moki! Moki!” “Sorry the new king is busy,” said Moki in a sarcastic voice. “Moki,” said Sophor “Look at the will in my father’s room,” she said sternly “What? What does it say?” “I am the queen, and you are not the king!” That put Moki into rage and anger. He told her that they are the only ones that know about it, and soon only he will. They started fighting,
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