Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz

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Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz was an extremely radical activist for her time. She was known as the “Tenth Muse”, the “Phoenix of Mexico” (Harss pg.6) in many western parts of the world. As a child she grew up with very limited formal education and envied men who were privileged enough to receive primary education, and access to higher education. Sor Juana was a constant defendant of the rights of women, often coming off as inappropriate in her occupation as a nun, and women in the Spanish Empire, making her a threat to the man who was trying to gain power at the time (I deliberately left out his name due to the fact that I felt it would distract from the main person in this- Sor Juana.) Sor Juana was a diverse writer who often switched styles and genres of writing. However, she is well known for her poems that could, “inspire such tenebrous thoughts in the mind of the 20th-century reader.” (Harss pg.3). The scandalousness of her writings are said to be proof of her insanity, and results from the torturous tasks she would inflict upon herself, which were also encouraged by her confessor at the time in an attempt to, “moderate her zeal” (Harss pg.7).

In contrast, to the educational opportunities we have in our personal present days, Sor Juana was deprived of the knowledge that she undeniably craved. She was able to teach herself how to read in her grandfather’s library at only three years old even though her mother (and primary educator at the time) was illiterate. While she
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