Soren Chemical

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Soren Chemical
Why is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking

Company Background * Founded in 1942 by Timothy Soren * Sell : * Industrial-strength cleaning solutions * Industrial chemical for lubricants and fuels * Chemical solution for treating drinking water and wastewater. * 350 products line * 2006 revenue is $450 million.

Product Background * Kailan MW Flocculants. (Clarifier) * Flocculants can be thought as chemical nets that works in water to filters particles as small as 0.5 microns. * Effective in dealing with: * Oil (deodorant, hair spray, lotion cause odoor and Cloudiness) * Combat organic debris (algae, dangerous pathogens such as E.Coli and Cryptosporidium)
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If consumers decide not to use the pools until next may, they may not maintain the pools, and no need to purchase the clarifiers like Coracle * Consumer market of residential pools emphasized more on aesthetics and preceived cleanliness, it will become a risk to bring coracle to market without a suitable emphasis and know what the consumers concern more * 30% of the renspondents recalled receiving the corracle materials that soren Chemical had sent in response to their inquiries. Furthermore, 70% of the renpondents stated that their distributors had not offered Coracle or it seems Coracle’s sales team did not deliver sufficient efforts to introduce this kind product * Ther is unclear gap between Kailan MW and Coracle even though kailan MW targets at the segment of commerical pool and water parks, meanwhile Coracle targets at residential segment. At least 2 formulators who dilute Kailan KW with a private label and sell to distributors for consumer market and this will compete with coracle * The Retail price for Sore per container of 0,5
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