Soren Chemicals

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Soren Chemical: Why is the New Swimming Pool Product Sinking?
Case Study Analysis Submitted by Group

Introduction Soren Chemicals was founded in 1942 by Timothy Soren to sell industrial-strength cleaning solutions. Since then, the company had expanded its focus to include industrial chemicals for lubricants and fuels, as well as a range of chemical solutions for treating drinking water and wastewater. Historically, Soren Chemical had concentrated on business-to-business sales and placed little emphasis on creating consumer awareness of its products. Objective Jen Moritz, the protagonist of this case study, is a marketing manager in the Water Treatment Products group with responsibility for chemicals used in drinking and pool water
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This theory is supported by the fact that, a survey among the pool service professionals and specialty retailers who had made enquiries about Coracle revealed that only 30% of the respondents recalled receiving the Coracle materials that Soren Chemical had sent in response to their inquiries. Furthermore, though Soren Chemical had passed the contact information for interested customers to the appropriate wholesale distributors, nearly 70% of respondents stated that Coracle had not been offered by their distributors. Coracle was sold in half-gallon containers which were priced at $25 each. The closest competitor to Coracle was ClearBlu which was priced at $15 per gallon. This probably resulted in ClearBlu being perceived to be cheaper by the consumer. However, this was not exactly true since 32 ounces of ClearBlu was required per treatment compared to only 10 ounces per treatment for Coracle. Also, the annual cost to the customer for Coracle was approx. $39.06 compared to $75 for ClearBlu. However, this statistic had not been communicated to the customer due to poor marketing strategies. The marketing message of Coracle emphasized on its efficiency, reducing the dependence on chlorine, enzymes and shock treatment, thus reducing chemical costs by 20-30%. However, this message was only displayed on the bottle and thus wasn’t reaching out to
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