Soren Kierkegarad: 3 Stages of Life Ways

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UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES Soren Kierkegaard: Stages on Life’s Way _________________________________ A Term Paper Presented to Ms. Maria Majorie R. Purino, Ph. D. _________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the course PHILOSOPHY 25: PHILOSOPHY OF THE HUMAN PERSON ________________________________ By Peter Macabinguil October 2011 Introduction Soren Kierkegaard writings basically speak about how human live and how human choose to live. Kierkegaard philosophize what its mean to be alive. His subject was the individual and his or her existence, the existing being. In Kierkegaard’s view, this purely subjective entity is lay beyond the reach of reason,…show more content…
The Ethical Stage The alternative of aesthetic life is the ethical. The individual who lives in the ethical life creates himself by his choice and self creation becomes the goal of his existence. Where the aesthetic individual merely accepts himself as he is, the ethical individual seeks to know himself and to change himself by his own choice. He will be guided in this by his self knowledge and his willingness not to accept what he discovers but try to improve upon it. Here we see the categorical difference between aesthetic and the ethical. The aesthetic is concern in the outer world and the ethical is in the inner. The ethical individual seeks to know himself and tries to turn himself into something better. He aims in becoming an ideal self. The ethical individual is no longer contingent, inconsistent or accidental. This is the moral life, living by standards and codes of conduct that have been set up by society, the State, Christendom, and even oneself. In doing so he enters into a realm of fundamental categories such as good and evil, beauty and ugly. Kierkegaard’s argument by which ethical individual moves from the absolutes of subjectivity to this universal way of life is scarcely convincing. It assumes that we automatically recognize the ethical as superior and thus we are naturally attracted to it. This

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