Soroptimist International Of The America Case Summary

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Jadyn Kennedy MRKT 4322.783 Case 2 Case summary: Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) is a “global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment”. They do this by participating in a large variety of programs and local projects that involve education, employment, healthcare, disaster recovery, and the prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Soroptimist has been publishing white papers for a while now and makes sure to update information in existing papers if needed annually. These white papers help to promote SIA as an organization that is well known for addressing women’s issues internationally. White papers are…show more content…
“Do not miss the larger opportunity to advance a brand’s image and reputation by making the mistake of treating these publications as purely a marketing platform”. The main purpose of a white paper is to educate so it is important to stick to that. With a white paper being around at least six pages of text, people may not want to take the time to read that so that is why it is important to incorporate a catchy title, informative headings, visual aids, and short paragraphs so viewers can scan over the text…show more content…
If anyone wants to search about how help improve lives of women and girls around the world they would have a good chance of coming across SIA when using a search engine which can lead to word of mouth marketing to spread the word about this organization to get more people involved and aware. E-books and white papers are very similar. “Well executed e-books have lots of white space, interesting graphics and images, and copy that is typically written in a lighter style than the denser white paper”. When downloading e-books and white papers the reader is usually required to provide an email address. This information is very valuable. It ‘gives leads to the sales team and can also generate information on customer demographics, common areas of interest, and more’, which can then raise
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