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Sororities Affects On African American Culture Sororities are commonly known as a college social club or organization for women, with particular distinction given to the African American sororities. Brought about at the time in history when traditional roles of women were being challenged, the founders of the first black sororities had to overcome the stereotypical views of sexism as well. They were considered unique, although college wasn’t really an option for African American’s. Within society they were being treated in rejection because they were black. They wanted to have an organization that would be called sisterhood and ties into their community. Nine dedicated women wanted peace, sisterhood and wanted to become leaders amongst…show more content…
Leaders of these sororities established organizations that dealt with women who wanted to change society. What these sororities have in common is the commitment to public service. All African American sororities, as well as fraternities, begins at undergraduate level to commitment. Active members of their chapters have maintain their financial cost and inactive members still have to provide membership time for the common good. Each sorority has a major history and a set of achievements and public service they provide to their community. Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. has been helpful in establishing programs to benefit African American community and society itself. They’ve also participated in the 1913 Women Suffrage March. During the Great Migration, members assisted southern African Americans to adjust to northern life. The sorority has created a fund for students in need to set high standards of excellent. Throughout the depression, AKA worked with different groups in rural areas for self-improvement. In the 1950’s they continued to move public service and joined the American Council of Human Rights, National Health Office, Social Action, scholarship, and undergraduate housing. During the 1960’s and 1970’s AKA’s sponsored jobs training, reading enrichment, heritage and youth programs. They continue the legacy of community service and promotion of academic excellence by giving
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