Sorrowful Black Death is Not a Hot Ticket and Seduction and Betrayal

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Sorrowful Black Death is Not a Hot Ticket and Seduction and Betrayal

Toni Morrison and bell hooks share the same views on how white America envisions blacks. In bell hooks' essays " Seduction and Betrayal" and " Sorrowful Black Death is Not a Hot Ticket" she focuses in on the portrayal of African Americans on the big screen. In "Seduction and Betrayal" hooks uses Spike Lee's Crooklyn to demonstrate how invaluable the life of a black person is. In " Sorrowful Black Death Is Not a Hot Ticket" she claims the Bodyguard and The Crying Game illustrate the notion that blacks, especially black females, are inferior to whites. In Toni Morrison's introduction to Birth of a Nation'hood , she suggests these same views by looking
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hooks feels that in our culture a white life has more value then a black one; and therefore audiences are more willing to accept the worthlessness of black life. hooks goes on to state, " There is collective cultural agreement that black death is inevitable, meaningless, not worth much. That there is nothing to mourn" (100). Americans as a whole " do not take black life seriously" (hooks, 100). Through her review of Crooklyn, hooks is able to reinstate her idea: white America sees blacks as worthless. hooks selects the movie Crooklyn to illustrate America's views on how worthless black life is. In this film the mother dies, but the audience is not aware of this until the children are found discussing the funeral, " Carolyn's death is treated in a matter-of-fact manner....We never see the family grieve" (hooks, 105). Instead of crying, the daughter throws up, again showing how even a family member treats death awkwardly. The advertisements for this film even down play death telling moviegoers "' The Smart Choice is Spike Lee's hilarious Crooklyn'" (hooks,100). The movie was presented as a comedy due to the fact that people would not be intrigued by a black death. hooks feels that this movie was " directed towards mainstream, largely white, viewers" which would account for the nonchalant addressing of a black death. This target audience has preconceived

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