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Sorrowful Woman 1. FIRST RESPONSE. How did you respond to the excerpt from A SECRET SORROW and to “A Sorrowful Woman”? Do you like one more than the other? Is one of the women – Faye or Godwin’s unnamed wife – more likable than the other? Why do you think you respond the way you do to the characters and the stories – is your response intellectual, emotional, a result of authorial intent, a mix of these, or something else entirely? Both writings were very well written and very enjoyable to read. “The Sorrowful Woman” and A Secret Sorrow were similar, although they were very different, due to the inner sorrow they both faced. I enjoyed reading A Secret Sorrow more than “The Sorrowful Woman” due to the fact that I was able to somewhat…show more content…
She was staring at his chest, blindly, not knowing what to think, not thinking at all. He lifter her chin, gently. “Look at me Faye.” She did, but his face was a blur. “Faye, we’re in this together—you and I. Don’t you see that? It’s not just your problem, it’s ours.” In “A Sorrowful Woman”, I found the husband’s nurturing ways most appealing. He completely rearranged his life to make sure that his wife was as comfortable as possible. The passage that most signifies this is found on page 41. With great care he rearranged his life. He got up hours early, did the shopping, cooked the breakfast, took the boy to nursery school. “We will manage,” he said, “until you’re better, however long that is.” He did his work, collected the boy from the school, came home and made the supper, washed the dishes, got the child to bed. He managed everything. One evening, just as she was on the verge of swallowing her draught, there was a timid knock on her door. The little boy came in wearing his pajamas. “Daddy has fallen asleep on my bed and I can’t get in. There’s not room.” In “A Sorrowful Woman” what I found most unappealing was that even though the husband clearly loved her, instead of getting her the help she clearly needed, he let her sickness overcome her.

3. How do the two women’s attitudes toward family

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