Sorrowful Woman vs. Story of an Hour

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Effect of Irony In “Story of an Hour” & “A Sorrowful Woman” A life as a wife and/or a mother, is usually appreciated and is a happy life as well. A relationship between two people should consist of joy, commitment, responsibility, and most importantly love. For the two main characters in both stories ( “The Story of An Hour”, and “A Sorrowful Woman” ) this was not the case. The stories go against societies view with marriage roles and happiness. In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, the main character (Mrs.Mallard) is a married woman. Mrs.Mallard was afflicted with a “heart problem”. The author was not very specific about her troubled heart, which seemed to be a symbol of not just physical, but emotional distress as well.…show more content…
This explains her sanity was gone and she was unhappy with herself. Eventually the character isolates herself in a room, away from her family as she examined the outside world through her window. The irony in that scene is that she was trapped behind the outside world, just as she was trapped within herself. As she spent her days in the white room, she began to develop different routines but none of them satisfied her. She was unhappy with herself until she tried once more to transform herself once again as a wife and mother. During her last attempt of being a housewife she took the time to knit two sweaters for her husband and son. The sweaters were both dull and gray as in lifeless, which is ironic towards the way the character perceived herself or surroundings. In both stories, each woman was put into a stereotypical role of being housewives. This was popular in history because women did not have much choice or option rather then stay home and cook, clean, take care of their children, etc. Both women were married but instead of appreciating their lives in a joyful perspective, they were oppressed by their living conditions. In both stories, there is a window scene mentioned. The window seems to have symbolism of freedom which is ironic, because in reality they were both trapped in unhappiness. Each time the characters looked through their windows, the outside view is described through the characters perspective in a optimistic and desirable tune, while staying

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