“Sorry About That Shit Man. That’S Why I Don’T Like Bringing

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“Sorry about that shit man. That’s why I don’t like bringing friends over here ever; my brother just does whatever he wants at the house since my dad died. My mama can’t control him.” His comment hit me like a brick had just been thrown at my face. I had known Jarrell for almost three full years of middle school now and he had never mentioned his dad dying to me, or that he didn’t like his life at home. “Wow man, I’m sorry. I- I- didn’t even know your dad passed.” I remarked genuinely, thinking about how much having a deceased father at such a young age would affect me. “It’s all good. Wasn’t like he was here much when he was still alive. He was a junkie.” Jarrell responded, allowing me more information on his personal life now than…show more content…
We were badly beaten by the older kids, both bloodied and bruised immensely. The kids stood over top of us, throwing kicks and punches our way, only stopping because a woman screamed out that she was calling the cops, to which they all ran away after hearing. The lady walked over to Jarrell and I and helped us up and took us back to Jarrell’s home where his mother attended to us. “I can’t believe he did this to you poor boys. I don’t know what I’m going to say to your mother, Matt, I am so sorry. Mikey is the devil! I can’t believe he let them do this to you! His own brother! Jarrell, I want you to promise my baby, please promise me, you will never be like Mikey.” Jarrell’s mom cried out to Jarrell, looking at him with a glimpse of hope that he could still bring some joy to her life after losing her husband and not being able to control her eldest son. “I promise mom. I never want to be like that piece of shit.” Jarrell responded, icing his wounds with just a sheer look of utter disappointment and anger controlling his face. When I returned home that evening my mom was outraged. I tried to lie and make up a story, but I had too many bruises for them to be from anything other than a fight. Besides, Jarrell’s mom ended up calling my mom and telling her what had happened. My mom forbid me to ever hang out with Jarrell again, telling me he was a “bad influence” and

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