Sorry But Your Soul Just Died

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Sorry But Your Soul Just Died In Brave New World, developments in reproductive and psychological technology have redefined human nature. Bokanovskification, the drug Soma, and the Feelies have desensitized and changed the people’s values in this dystopia. Similar advances such as vitro fertilisation, surrogate motherhood, psychotropic drugs, and genetic engineering have also emerged in today’s society. Unlike the author of Sorry But Your Soul Just Die, I disagree that psychological drugs, stem cell research, and genetic engineering will send us into a dystopian society.
The author of this article, Francis Fukuyama, is fearful that biotechnology will transform human nature as it did in Brave New World. Biotechnology will shift us into
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Genetic engineering would change that; thus would change what we see as human equality today. He says that humans would then be genetically not fully human beings.
In my opinion, I think Fukuyama’s views are erratic and exaggerative. Some of his points are true to an extent and we should be wary on how far should these scientific advances should be taken, but for the most part his thoughts are irrational. Just because we have psychological drugs, doesn’t mean every one will want to use them and “create a plastic personality”. Most people are quite mentally healthy and don’t need or want psychological drugs. If we are able to live past 100 through stem cell research, there wouldn’t be a drastic change to our society. For many decades, the human lifespan has been increasing already and the elderly aren’t “in the way”. I do agree to an extent that genetic engineering is wrong because of my own beliefs that one should never want to change their child in anyway. I disagree in the fact that genetic engineering will create generic beings because parents will want different aspects in their child; not every one will want the same thing.
My stance on psychological drugs is that self-esteem isn’t a “trend”, self-esteem is
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