Sorry for Disturbing You

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Sorry for Disturbing You “Sorry for Disturbing You” is a short story from 2008 written by Richard Knight. The main theme of the short story is regret and the story basically focuses on the regret of choices one makes in life. The story revolves around the protagonist Ian Harter and is told by a third person limited narrator, as only Ian’s thoughts appear in the story. Ian is our eyes throughout the story and all feelings and descriptions are from his point of view, which forces the reader to have certain impressions of the other characters. The story begins in medias res with Ian opening the door to his house finding an old alcoholic man standing on his doorstep. Ian reluctantly lets the man, Michael Phelps, into his house where Ian…show more content…
One simple disastrous action of adultery with the wife of his best friend has lead his life off track and separated him from his friends and completely ruined his family life for good. He has to suffer for the rest of his life from that one mistake he has made and as a result, he drinks continuously to soothe the pain of his loss. And the pain has clearly set its mark on him; throughout the story he keeps apologising as if it can make up for the mistake he made in the past. The dialogue between the two very different men is a very important element of the story. There is a very limited dialogue in the story and an overweight of monologue. Though it might seem like the story is one big dialogue, Ian and Michael spends most of the time talking past each other. Ian continuously tries to keep a conversation going to avoid the awkwardness of silence, while Michael alternately mumbles, apologises and speaks to himself about his regrets and his mistakes. This causes a minor confusion during the story, because Ian asks Michael many questions, but only very few are answered. Another very important factor in the story is the role of the water. Throughout the story, all kinds of different fluids are mentioned, such as rain, tears, water, tea, alcohol and milk. Words such as moist, wet, sobbing, glassy-eyed, slippy, unwashed and bath underlines the effect of the water in
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