Sorry for Disturbing You

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Instructions: ”Sorry for Disturbing You”
Write an essay (900-1200) words in which you analyse and interpret Richard Knight’s short story “Sorry for Disturbing You”. Part of your essay must focus on the function of dialogue in “Sorry for Disturbing You”

I will correct the following elements: * Verbal concord * Personal pronouns (he, him, she, his, her etc.) * Spelling * Paragraph structure * Introduction + thesis statement

“Sorry for Disturbing You”, a short story by Richard Knight, 2008
Sorry for Disturbing You is a short story written by Richard Knight and its main theme is regretting some of the choices made in life. Two guys are regretting things in this story – an old man called Michael and Ian,
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It occurs that he used to know the old owners of the house that Ian now lives in, George and Edie Higham.[7] Through the story it seems more and more clear to the reader, that Michael is a very lonely old man, who has been abandoned by his friends and family: “”I should have been at the wedding but I wasn’t allowed to go.””[8], “(Ian on the...
The story “Sorry for Disturbing You” by Richard Knight deals with regrets and the choices you make in life. The story is about an old sick Man who suddenly comes knocking on the door, of his old daughter’s house, stopped being stubborn. Despite that he at first did not want to let him in, Ian who is the one living there, invites the old man in.
The story starts off in media race and is written in past tense. When the story starts off in media race it captures our attention and makes us wonder “what is going on?” This is exactly what Ian thinks when he opens up the door, and sees the man so furthermore the media race effect cause, that we immediately indentify us with Ian. The reader gets the sense of the atmosphere being awkward and being uncomfortable. It is written like this, so that we again will relate to Ian’s feelings. He is not confident being in the situation but tries to ignore what he feels and tries his best at being polite.
“… It’s the alcohol you see”
The old man is sick and seems to have, what appears to be an alcohol problem. The quote above

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