Sorry for Disturbing You

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------------------------------------------------- Sorry for disturbing you A. Several acknowledged studies show that one of the primary sources to human happiness is the close and positive relations we can have to each other. We have the ability to communicate and we have an enormous vocabulary to express how we feel. But with great power comes great responsibility. Communication is a central part of an intimate relationship and, if handled properly, it can be the key to a long and happy life. But if a person is unable to communicate about feelings it can be the end of ever obtaining true intimacy and in the end lead to loneliness and low self-esteem. This essay will contain an analysis and interpretation of the short story Sorry for…show more content…
Almost every time Ian tells Corinne to do something, she does the exact opposite. Ex:“Go and watch telly, Corry.” Corinne followed them into the room”(line 24) and when Karen crosses his mind there is a great deal of confusion and ignorance connected to her, as Ian wonders how she will react to his actions. All through the story Ian wants Karen to be there, but he waits until the end to call her, when there is no other way for him to get rid of Michael. In that way Michael becomes the one that makes Ian contact his wife. Now the title of the story has a very different meaning, because what first appears to be a disturbance of Ian’s evening ends up helping him. It is clear that the meeting with Michael has changed something inside Ian. The first thing he sees when opening the door is the “icy rain running in beads down the man’s face” (line 1), but when he returns home in the end of the time line he is “no longer sure if it had been rain or tears” (line 2). The fact that he now looks back at the situation and sees it differently than he did at first shows that something inside him has changed. There is a very important line in the end of the story that says “Sorry” he whispered to Karen and looked at her. His eyes full of tears or rain” (line 144). Just as he wasn’t sure if it was rain or tears in Michael’s eyes, now he is the one who
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