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English Essay Bridget Keehan: Sorry for the Loss (2008) Throughout human history, we have looked for answers. And we still do. Answers can be found in religion, science, philosophy, but some questions have no conclusive answers. One of these questions is ‘what is good, and what is evil’? While we have laws and rules, both as religions and society, the distinction between good and evil is never precise. Does an evil offense make the offender evil or is it only the offense itself that is evil, and not the offender? These questions are what this story revolves around. Sorry for the Loss is a short story from 2008, written by welsh writer Bridget Keenan. The story is told in the third person from the point of view of the story’s main…show more content…
This contrast within Evie between her religion and the environment she works in, is best described, when Evie compares her prayers to heroin: It is hard to equate that description, which brings to her mind baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling, with needles and veins and the ability to mug and bludgeon for a ten pound bag. (Pg. 3 lines 40-43). Baby Jesus becomes a symbol of morality and religion, and the needles and ability to do bad things become a symbol of the complete opposite. This contrast is something that bothers Evie, as she has a hard time reconciling her religion with all the horrible things that have been done by the inmates surrounding her. The prison represents a grey area that challenges Evie’s distinction between good and evil. This distinction is the major theme of the story, and is best represented in Evie’s conversation with Victor. Victor is a young inmate, who is serving time in prison for stabbing a schoolmate to death. However, despite of his horrible crime, Evie finds Victor very intelligent and gentle, which baffles her. The two characters are both struggling to find a clear distinction between good and evil, but they handle this struggle differently. As the reflections of Evie are mostly within herself, Victor is very open about it. Evie has already decided, by being a catholic, where she draws the line between good and evil, prison has just challenged this view. Victor however, has not yet decided where to draw

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