Soul Food Express By Kim And Ernest Westbrooke

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Executive summary: Soul food express is a family-run operation that was put together by Kim and Ernest Westbrooke. These two individuals are not only great entrepreneurs with multiple businesses under their belt but they also happen to be my parents. With my mother’s love for soul food combined with my father’s business acumen they created soul food express. So food express opened its doors in 2012 and remained open to the end of 2014. There are multiple reasons for their closure, none were business-related. But with the outside entities no longer interfering and a new location soul food express looks forward to serving the greater Greene County area in upstate New York by the summer of 2017. Soul Food Express is a Fast casual restaurant…show more content…
Menu: Fried chicken /smothered chicken /fried pork chop /smothered pork chop/BBQ chicken Barbecued ribs / deep-fried barbecue ribs /fried fish Sides: coleslaw / collard greens /cabbage/ sweetcorn /Home-Cut Fries /potato Salad Macaroni Salad /Rice & Beans Competition: Their only company competition within a 30 mile radius would be McDonald’s Pizza Hut and an Italian restaurant by the name of laconica Dora Projected Technology First and foremost let’s see how technology can aid soul food express delivery better quality service to their customers. Ultimately benefiting its bottom line. Getting on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram where soul food express can build a positive reputation that will grow and build much faster using the platform of social media likewise you can have a negative effect that spread just as fast with someone having a bad experience within the restaurant (Artis, 2014). There is no doubt in my mind that mobile ordering will help entice customers. You eliminate waiting in line to place your order while sitting at the table waiting for your waitress. Simply download the app on your phone order what you want and pay for it. I currently know a lot of places that do this such as dominoes, Papa John’s, and pizza hut. (Artis, 2014). Facebook was a real means of communicating with the customers so

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