`` Soul Of A Citizen, By Paul Loeb

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According to the National Association for Social Workers (NASW), the social work profession was founded in social change (Advocacy, n.d.). They explain that throughout the profession’s history, social workers have sought to ensure that all people have equal access to the resources and opportunities that allow them to meet their basic needs (Advocacy, n.d.). In Paul Loeb’s book, Soul of a Citizen, throughout his own words and the words of others, he is able to express the significance that individuals, social workers, can have on others. As I read Loeb’s book, it made me realize that advocacy is not something that is simply born overnight, but a collection of events that lead individuals to want to make a change in their society. As Loeb explains in many of the chapters of his book, when it comes to creating or working towards change it can be difficult to find a voice and take a stand on something. While many Americans are generous in nature, when it comes to actually making a difference it is difficult to do so. Whether this is because, life becomes too busy at times, or an individual is simply too shy to get involved, being a part of change can be daunting (Loeb, 2010). This is where not just deciding to become a social worker, but really wanting to help others, has made the biggest impact with me. I did not decide in one night that I wanted to become a social worker, much as Rosa Parks did not decide in one second to take a stand during the beginning of the Civil Rights
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