Soul On Ice Research Paper

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A child’s early experiences have a lasting impact on their response to stress in their adult life. Early Childhood is a crucial time of a child’s life, from the age of conception to five years of age. Children are constantly growing and developing, physically and emotionally. A child that experiences prolonged or excessive stress become harmful and can lead to emotional distress and serious health effects.
Stressful environment is a key factor when it comes to child development. Stress can be the molding of a child’s life. There are several different contributing factor of stress that could affect a child. Stress for a child can come from many areas of their life, such as, in the home, neighborhood, school, community, family issues. However, it is extremely important to realize that there is no greater cause of stress to a child than from their parents (Blake 26). Witnessing verbal and physical abuse in the home is a very
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Discussing how the things that effect early childhood and the later effects into adulthood. With these studies statistics show that Elderidge Cleaver would not have a bright future. Especially with his past experiences during his childhood. Eldridge was a prison inmate and leading causes were the effects and influences of his childhood upbringing. Growing up in poverty, living in an environment of high crime and living a life of violence. Cleaver grew up with society labeling him as a criminal from the beginning. As the influences of society, politics and race have an effect of how one should behave. Though Cleaver is an example of the product of a child raised by his surrounding environment there is still possibility for breaking the chain. Although Cleaver grew up in a rough lifestyle based on his environment, he still managed to become someone. Though he was a prisoner, he was a self-educated man and a
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