Sound-Based Intervention Essay

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Sound-based interventions are being used to address auditory and sensory over-responsivity in both children and adolescents. One specific sound-based intervention intermittently used by occupational therapists presently, is The Listening Program (TLP), which addresses behavioral disturbances related to sensory processing in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Gee, Thompson & John, 2013). TLP uses modified classical music in specific frequency ranges to attempt to impact functional capabilities including sensory processing, balance, learning, language, play and executive function. An individual is put on a customized listening schedule determined by the treating practitioner. Listening sessions typically occur in 15 minute increments, one…show more content…
Researchers recruited a seven year old girl diagnosed with moderate ASD as well as her primary caregiver, after receiving informed consent. Inclusion criteria for this study included a mild to moderate diagnosis of ASD, exhibition of sensory over-responsiveness to auditory stimuli to the point of disruption in daily routines or roles, tolerance of wearing headphones for a minimum of 15 minutes in a single sitting two times per day and between the ages of five and ten, as the SOR scale and the sensory processing measure (SPM) are best suited for the above-mentioned age range and were the instrumentation of choice for this study. The SPM is a caregiver questionnaire that is judgment based and explores auditory, visual, proprioceptive, vestibular functioning, tactile, praxis and social participation. The questionnaire has two forms; a school and home form, but for the purpose of this study only the home form was utilized. The SOR is an examiner-based observation measure which evaluates a child’s sensory over-responsiveness in the categories of the five senses (taste, smell, see, hear and touch) as well as vestibular and
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