Sound Elements : How They Affect Poetry

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Annalise Thomason
Professor Turley
English 200
October 21, 2015

Sound Elements: How they Affect Poetry

The lessons that individuals can learn though poetry are a very important key to understanding and learning about the world around you. In poetry you have to analyze what, how, and why something is being said or portrayed in a poem. Authors use many techniques and elements to help distinguish their meaning. Some of these elements are those of sound such as rhythm, rhyme, and tone. Each of these plays a major role in how a poem in interpreted by readers. This is because each one can change the meaning of a poem by how it is used. The poems of “The Dance” by William Carlos Williams, “ My Papas Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, and “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson are great examples of how these elements influence and shape the work and meaning of the author.
The poem “The Dance” by William Carlos Williams used many different elements of sound in this poem, such as rhythm and rhyme, to bring a description and his interpretation of the painting “The Kermess” into words. Williams sets the rhythm of “The Dance” to match possible movements that occurred during this time at parties. An example would be “The dancers go round, they got round and around”(Kennedy and Gioia, 875). This insinuating that the people are dancing in circles. He also is able to set this rhythm using a specific meter. Each line has three beats and syllables creating a constant rhythm to…
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