Sound Of Country Music : A Luke Bryan Concert At Wrigley Field

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Guitars were strumming. Vendors were yelling. Voices were singing. You probably do not know what those three things have in common. You may have a rough idea, but not anything about where it was, or what happened there. Here is what I think about when given these three ideas: a Luke Bryan concert at Wrigley Field. Many people groan at the thought of country music, however many others, along with artists, love the sound of country music. As Maren Morris beautifully serenades in her hit,"My Church", "I find my soul revival, singing every single verse. Yeah, I guess that 's my church." This song is about how listening and singing country music relaxes her and makes her forget about all of her problems. I feel the exact same way, though I had…show more content…
However, there were some lights that simultaneously turned on: the stage lights. Music started playing as smoke filled the stage, and silhouettes got in their positions. The one line that everyone recognized in the music was the title of tour,”Kill the lights.” One black figure stepped on stage. We all knew who it was. “Wrigley Field! What’s Up!” he shouted as everyone started screaming. A song started playing that I did not immediately recognize, though I liked it. I now know this song as,”Rain Is A Good Thing,” from his 2009 album,”Doin’ My Thing.” That song ended, and another one began. Unlike the first one, I immediately recognized this one. “Kick The Dust Up,” is one of his most loved songs, one that nearly any fan of his would recognize. Two songs afterward, there was a certain guitar melody that stuck out to me. It also stuck out to everyone else in the arena. We all knew it as,”This Is How We Roll,” by Florida Georgia Line. Luke actually sang the bridge for this song with Kelley and Hubbard, so it was just the perfect song to pick. In my opinion, he sang that anthem better than any country duo could have. A few more songs played, when an all too familiar tune came on. I realized that Luke Bryan was giving baseball a country makeover. He did an absolutely stunning, and entertaining, cover of,”Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” The only thing that was wrong with it was the fact that he said,”Root for the home team,” where anybody at Wrigley

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