Sound Recording 's Evolution : Does It Affect The Music Industry?

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Konrad Strzalkowski
28 December 2016

Sound Recording’s Evolution
Does it affect music industry?

Music industry these days is an open world to every one. Building own and expensive music library over the years or spending hours in record stores seeking for your favourite taste of the sound… is over. If anyone decide to hear album by for example: ’The Beatles’ or single called ‘Feeling Good’ by ‘Nina Simone’, it can be found and played within seconds. Music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCould etc. gives us possibilities to reach any music at any time and mostly for free. Additionally, these days making or recording music is easier than ever before and commonly available. Every Mac ships with a copy of GarageBand, software powerful enough to let anyone record an album. There is on going and endless argument, where some people say that the new world of music industry has liberated music and grown listeners with wider taste than ever, whereas on the other hand others worry that finding music is too easy and without need to save money to by an album we are becoming care less about music. In this essay I am not going through the argument, explaining what is good and bad about today’s music industry. I am going to talk about evolution of recorded sound, what is the very first factor that contributed to the changes of industry and mention eventual changes that appeared.


Middle 1800’s… up in till then the only way to hear a song was to find

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