Sound Waves Allow Us to Hear

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Have you ever sat down and wondered why you can hear things? How sounds form? What are the different components? This all happens because of sound waves. Sound Waves are disturbances that go from one place to another in a medium. An example of this could be a Slinky. when it is all stretched out the slinky would be at equilibrium. Then a particle in the slinky moves in any direction and makes a disturbance. A pulse allows you to see the disturbance that is happening from both ends of the slinky . when a pulse is repeated continuously through the slinky then it is a wave. A medium is where the wave is carried and held from one end to the other. it only transports the wave, it does not make it The medium plays the role of the slinky in the example from the above paragraph. Mediums can be different depending on the location. For example the ocean water would be the medium of the wave is traveling in the water, the medium is the air if it is a sound wave. The only reason disturbances can get through the medium is because there are parts in the medium that interact with each other. Going back to the slinky example, the coils are the interacting parts of it. And in air the molecules are the interacting pairs. the medium is full of connected particles that go moving each other. The particles in the medium are not always moving, they go back to their normal equilibrium position because they have a constant force on them that makes them do that. Waves are not matter , they

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