SoundCloud: A German Startup Case Study

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SoundCloud: A German Startup Case Study When Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss founded SoundCloud in 2007, their idea may have not seemed very unique. However, their desire to create a simple music-sharing platform took advantage of a huge opportunity in the growing array of social network websites. By focusing on music sharing, these two young founders honed in on untapped potential, which has today become a very successful, and continually growing, company. Similar to the stories of other startups that have focused on specific markets, SoundCloud followed in the footsteps of twitter, facebook, flickr, and vimeo. Each specialized their website and therefore attracted specific groups of people looking for their services. SoundCloud is…show more content…
SoundCloud’s Changing Market As the founders declare, SoundCloud started out as an idea to connect with a niche market, but always with a wider audience goal, “Somehow we’ve always aimed at a unique business niche, but always with a global focus,” says Wahlforss. “In that respect we differ from a lot of startups who focus on copying a business model and apply it to a local market.” (Weverbergh). As shown in the market representation, the prime market target of SoundCloud is music artists, both known and unknown. However, as the founders stated, they never imagined SoundCloud to remain a niche website, therefore music enthusiasts looking for new music are another general target. For artists, SoundCloud offers immense value. For unknown or upcoming artists SoundCloud offers a platform to easily upload and share music from. Beyond this general platform that SoundCloud started as, it also serves as a social networking website in which music can be easily seen and discovered. There are three types of profiles: Free, Pro and Unlimited. The pro plan gives an artist four hours of music uploads and simple analytics of how their music is being seen and shared. The Unlimited Plan allows unlimited music uploads and comprehensive analytics (SoundCloud). Both of these plans are relatively inexpensive (3 euro and 9 euros a month)

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