Sounder: Good Title

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A. VOCABULARY: GROWL: a low sound made in anger. Low guttural, menacing sound, as of a dog. FRET: to get angry QUARRY: a large hole in the house CLUNG: to hold something tight KETTLE: a large metal pot for boiling TROUBLESOME: get some trouble, worry, tired TWISTED: to turn. To bend around each other PEDDLING: to sell small items from door to door or o the street SPRAWL: also sprawl out to lie or sit with your arms or legs stretched out. SADDLED: a salt made of leather that is put on a horse’s back B. STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER I 1. How did the boy get the dog Sounder? Sounder came to him, him didn’t have the dog. 2. Why did the boy give up going to school? Because the way is too long and too cold. 3. Why was the…show more content…
They could come to the jail. 4. What was the boy going to do with Sounder’s ear that he put under his pillow? The boy would bury sounder’s ear with him. 5. Why was the boy frightened when he passed houses with curtains? He was scared with the people inside the house 6. What is the answer to the riddle, “if you’re inside, you look out, and you’re outside looking in, who looks both ways? That is the window 7. Why was the boy glad it was winter when he crawled under the cabin for Sounder? The boy wanted to find out Sounder 8. What is the lesson the boy’s mother says that he must learn? T CHAPTER IV 1. Why had the boy’s mother brought home a bottle of vanilla? Because she wanted to make a cake in the Christmas Day 2. What did the boy’s mother want him to do with the cardboard box? She wanted the boy bring the cake give his father in the jail. 3. How did the boy know the time of the year when he walked to town? He saw a Christmas tree in the store 4. Why did the jailer say he had t break the contents of the box in to four pieces? He want to 5. How did he boy imagine what would happen to the red-faced jailer? The boy hoped the jailer died is the bolt animal. 6. Why did the boy practice over and over again what he was going to say to his father in jail? The boy doesn’t want his father sad. 7. Even though the boy practiced, what did he say to his father through the jail bars? Sounder might not be dead. 8. What
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