Source Analysis : A New Class Of Thermoset Plastics

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Part A

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TITLE OF ARTICLE: _Recycling the ‘unrecyclable’: a new class of thermoset plastics__________________________________________________________________
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SOURCE ANALYSIS (e.g. Internet, journal, newspaper, book, documentary, video)

It is quite reliable because:
- The author is the Personal Chair, Institute for Frontier Materials at Deakin University.
- The article is quite recent, being written in 2014.
- The website of this article is a somewhat
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Polymers are large molecules which comprise of repeating monomers in a single structural unit, and these monomers are bonded by covalent bond to form a polymer. On the other hand, organic polymer is mostly based on a chain of carbon atom alone or with oxygen, sulphur or nitrogen. In order to customize the properties of plastic, different group of molecules will ‘hang’ from the backbone.

There are two types of plastic - thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset is a restrain plastic. It retains its strength and shape even when heated, and at the it cannot be broken down. It is ideal for the production of the permanent component with large, solid shape. For example, shoes soles, circuit boards and kitchen utensils. Thermoplastic can be melted and reshape repeatedly, which means it is recyclable and reusable, so it is more environmental friendly than thermoset. It was commonly used in plastic milk bottle, Lego bricks and guitar picks.

Part C
Should we get rid of plastic for our environment?
Environment is a big topic to all of us nowadays. We can always receive information about environment in different media like newspaper and online article. Under this category, plastic is definitely a hot topic. It is because it cannot be broken down and its toxicity cause many animals die. As we know, plastic cause some impact to the environment. Then, should we get rid of plastic
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