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While writing and synthesizing this article about the impacts of war on the human mind, I used three sources that were provided that supported my thesis as well as three additional sources that I found to have developed my position further. Each source chosen provides a unique insight to the effects of war, and also takes a side on the position I have created. The three sources provided that I chose to use were The Things They Carried, American Sniper, and Nick Niday; the three additional sources were the DSM-V, “PsychCentral,” and David Pridham. The Things They Carried, Source A, was used in my article to give an example of severe PTSD, and how the effects can escalate to other disorders, such as depression. Although my article addressed the stigma of PTSD, a character in the book, Norman Bowker, was an example of the face of PTSD that is most commonly portrayed the public or members of society who do not live with a veteran. Bowker suffered severely from isolation and inability to adapt back to civilian life on his return from Vietnam. This source aided my argument by being an example of the extreme PTSD that most civilians are familiar with. American Sniper, Source B, is present in my article as one of the examples of a veteran who suffers minimally from PTSD, and took pride in his work he did in the Navy. Chris Kyle,…show more content…
This is a nationally recognized, official and the only book used by psychologists to diagnose mental disorders. I chose and used this source to define and describe PTSD as an introduction to my article to inform those unaware of what exactly PTSD was. By doing this, I later connected that those criteria are present in both severe and mild PTSD, but only the severe symptoms are known to most people. Citing this book gave credibility to my article because it is factual information that tied my argument with the
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