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Assignment: 1.) Read the following document, “Another Race of White Men Come Amongst Us”: Native American Views as British Replace the French in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1765 2.) Answer the following questions based on a reading of the above document and material from your textbook. -------------------------------------------- 1.) TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Is this a primary or a secondary source? -Primary 2.) DATE(S) OF DOCUMENT: When was this document created? -It was created shortly after the British replaced the French in the Lower Mississippi Valley in 1765 3.) AUTHOR (OR CREATOR) OF THE DOCUMENT: Who created this document? -Alibamon Mingo, elderly leader of the Choctaw nation 4.) DOCUMENT INFORMATION (There are…show more content…
- Men who did not honor the authority usually treated Indian women with dirspect and used them for their own sexual expectations. It was normal for British men to take Indian women and marry them. I supposed this is how is started. 5.) FRANCE/ENGLAND/NATIVE AMERICANS Your textbook discusses how Native Americans developed different relations with the French and the English (Chapter 6, pp. 162-167). Read over that section of your book to answer the following questions. A.) Although Native Americans were not mentioned in the 1763 Treaty of Paris that ended the Seven Years’ War (French and Indian War), how did this treaty affect indigenous peoples who lived in Canada and areas east of the Mississippi River? -Britain gained control of Canada, eliminating the French threat from the North. France transferred all its territory west of the Mississippi River, including New Orleans to Spain as compensation for help during the war. B.) What type of political/economic relationship did the French establish with Native Americans prior to 1763? -The French had
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