Source Critique : The Most Important Part Of A Yoga Pose

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Source Critique: The Most Important Part of a Yoga Pose At the age of fourteen I started to practice yoga, and because of what it has been able to do for me I continue to practice almost daily. It all began as I wanted a way to relieve everyday stresses with a form of exercise that I could do at home on my own schedule. I started my journey by purchasing a yoga mat and VHS showing the basic poses and technique to practice at home, while the mat is used to keep sure footing during practice. Although, I have to admit initially following along with the pleasant woman on the TV screen, I felt the poses she asked of the viewer were just like regular stretching. The positions seemed almost too simple to being doing any major changes. I found myself wondering what is the most important part of this. It was not until making it a few weeks into my daily practice that I did obtain increased flexibility, but more impressive to me, I began to feel “different”. It was definitely a good “different” though hard to wrap my mind around what was happening at that time. Later I came to understand the “different” feeling was actually a sense of calmness that I had never felt before, it seemed to melt my stresses away. The new feeling was a great comfort, something I was seeking at the time. At first this new feeling was only present during the actual practice period, but with continued learning and deepening the poses, both mentally and physically, the feeling seemed to stay with me…
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