Source Of Control Case Study

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The patient should always be the source of control for their care. I feel that from the short time I had spent with my patient, that she was the source of control for her care. I feel this way because she was very satisfied with the care she was receiving, even though all her wants were not met. The patient was OCD, meaning she had obsessive compulsive disorder. Due to this disorder she constantly wanted to take showers. Her nurse and the nurse aids were often busy, so they couldn’t allow her to take the amount of showers that she would have liked to. As a compromise they allowed her to take a shower for a rather lengthy time and she seemed to be content with that. This compromise allowed the patient to remain in control of her care while the staff could still…show more content…
Because this important intervention was not documented, I’m not sure if there were other non-pharmacological interventions that were offered. Nevertheless, there should have been some alternatives offered to the patient to help with relieving her pain that weren’t pharmacological. As I observed my patients nurse and the other staff, the majority seemed to be kind, patient centered, and understanding of the patient’s values and beliefs. There were some staff on the other hand who were taking openly about their patients in the halls, not preforming proper hand hygiene, and whom didn’t seem to have the patient as their number one priority. Although these things weren’t done directly in front of the patient, they all had the potential to directly affect the patient. Had I been there over a longer period of time and had more patient interaction, I may have gotten a different feeling about the quality of care the patients were receiving. Overall I feel my patient was satisfied with the quality of care that she was receiving. I strongly feel that the particular nurse taking care of her had a positive influence that. The
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