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Research papers are a part of every student’s life. Some students may like the research papers but the others may not. But in the end a decent research paper would be the sources that make the paper credible. A lot of articles are not credible due to some areas. The areas include: the credibility of the author, the sources that were cited throughout the paper, how reliable the content is and a reliable publisher also how current and how accessible the article is. The author would be credible by being knowledgeable about the topic being spoken about. Furthermore, for the author to be credible, the author would have to be adding some outside sources that will give the article more credibility. Not only would the sources would make the paper credible…show more content…
Also the article needs to be accessible and not have some advertisements taking away from the article and if the pop up advertisements making it all the more difficult to get to the article. A credible and reliable source would have all these features. For example, five articles that talk about filming police officers all show good and bad examples about credibility and reliability.
One of the articles that was given to see if the article was credible was by the Huffington Post. The article has some credibility to it but it was not a lot. The Huffington post is not credible because it has accessibility issues. Meaning that reading the articles is a difficult. In the article, there was a lot of advertisements that were present. Advertisements in the article are lining the sides in the beginning of article. Advertisements are trying to attract the eye of the consumer. Which is distracting to the reader. Also there is an advertisement in the middle of the article which it makes it harder to read the article continuously. The article need to be accessible for it to be reliable. If the article has little accessibility it makes it
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The last source is about the Eavesdropping law that went into motion in 2006. Although the article is from 2006, the article was written about the law that went into motion. The author of the law was from the government. The website that the article is on is a government affiliated. With this law being presents on a government affiliated website it shows that this law that was written was credible. Also it makes the website reliable. There were no sources to the website because the article is law that was overruled
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