Sources of Power in The Michigan Department of Corrections

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The Michigan Department of Corrections is a very large organization and has several different branches. The Michigan Department of Corrections is a very established organization. It was founded in 1953 due to a legislative change known as the PA 232. (Source) PA 232 is also known as the Department of Corrections Act and it established a statewide, formal department of corrections. The Michigan Department has since undergone various changes in its structure, but continues to be highly functioning and effective. (Source). The Michigan Department of Corrections has evolved over time into the organization it is now. There have been many instances where things have changed in order to keep up with the changing times. While 1953 was when the MDOC was formally founded, there have been elements of a correctional system in Michigan long before, as early as the 1800s. However, the current Michigan Department of Corrections bears no resemblance to the very early organization that was created in the 1800s (Source) In 1837 after the creation of the state of Michigan, the very first correctional system was born. A committee was selected to build Michigan’s very first prison. The site was chosen near the current city of Jackson. Once the prison was constructed it housed approximately 37 inmates, which is only a fraction of the number that can be housed…
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