South Afric A Role As A Leader Essay

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South Africa plays a role as a leader come out of Africa and engaging in Africa or through whom the established powers could engage with Africa. The Mbeki administration argues that the role given to South Africa was a role South Africa took on its own. The errors in South Africa playing the role of regional power may have developed during Mandela’s phase, due to over doing of goodwill. Thabo Mbeki’s role was to try bring South Africa to be a regional power and this is seen in the formation of the institutions. The rest of Africa contests the influence that South Africa has over it due to South Africa being unskilled and young in terms of its establishment and its failure to save its domestic challenges. So dressing the issues domestically and taking the issues of conflict resolution, of investment, representation of the g8, and WTO, would be a hard task. Nevertheless, currently there is no concrete evidence for an alternative of the leadership South Africa has provided and can provide. This is the dilemma that Africa has found itself in.

South Africa as A Foreign Policy Actor

A. Introduction
A regional power is a state that has marginal power in its designated geographic region. A state known as a regional power holds the uncontested power influence within its region of the world, and through its power contains a certain form of hegemony upon the region. “Regional powers can be distinguished by four pivotal criteria: claim to leadership, power resources, employment of
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