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South Africa is a place of hurt, heart, and change.

Over the years, South Africa has either been through rough

times in the traditional tribal part, or being descriminated

because of their color of skin.

South Africa has two major tribal groups; The

Nguni/South Ndebele, and the khoi/San. The South Ndebele,

together with the Zulu, Xhosa and Swazi, belong to the South

Nguni ethnic group. In the case of the South African Ndebele

group, the area is the Southern part of South Africa. Here,

they have lived, worked on farms, and hunted for

generations. They are a very communal tribe. They work

together, share together, help each other out, and hunt with

each other. This group is very dependent on all of their
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Cape Town became a major port as a way station for the

Europeans. The colonists were mostly farmers and cattle

herders. They became known as the Boers. They developed

their own culture and language (Afrikaans). In the 1770's,

the Boers encountered the Bantu, who were migrating. The

Nguni Bantu clans settled between the Drakensberg Mountains

and the sea. The Sotho clans settled in the interior, north

of the Cape Colony. The 19th century competition for land

led to the conflict between the Bantu clans, which led to

the boer war, 1899-1902. Hundreds and thousands died during

the wars, entire clans disappeared and it resulted in the

creation of many Bantu nations. Now they are unable to

communicate with each other, and now they don't have any

power to stop the Europeans. British forces twice occupied

the Cape region, in 1795 and 1806. In 1814, toward the end

of the Napoleonic Wars, Great Britain purchased the Cape

Colony from the Dutch for 6 million Britidh pounds. After

1820 thousands of British colonists arrived in South Africa,

and they demanded that English law be imposed. English

became the official language in 1822. The Khoi/San were

given protection, and slavery was abolished in 1833. When

the Dutch, or the Afrikanns found out that slavery was

ebolished they got angry, because they thoght that the

Bilble said that black people were supposed to be slaves,

which then

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