South Africa 's Main Religion

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South Africa’s Main Religion
About 80% of South Africans are Christians, 1.2% are Hindus, 1.5% are Muslims and 0.2% are Jews. There are over 4000 independent churches in South Africa. Other religions in South Africa are Buddhism and Judaism. Hinduism was brought over to South Africa through Indian servants and Islam was brought over to the country through Malay slaves. Christianity is a religion where people believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings. People who follow Christianity are called Christians. The holy book for Christians is called ‘The Bible’. Christians believe that Jesus was a saviour and came to the world to save everyone of their sins. They also believe that he was a messiah who lived approximately 2000 years ago and was crucified on the cross by the Romans. Christians pray and worship one God only. There are many denominations of Christianity now but some main ones are Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic. There are over 2 billion Christians today in the world and they also believe that there are three things to God, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Christians all go to churches to worship God and the leader of churches are called priests or ministers.

South African Major Sports
Some really popular sports among South Africans are football (soccer), rugby and cricket. The national rugby team of South Africa is nicknamed ‘The Springboks’. This team competes in rugby tournaments in Africa such as CAR Super 18 and Africa Cup. Out of the eight Rugby World…
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