South Africa's Foreign Policy And National Security Concerns Over The Ongoing Conflict

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Introduction: In this paper, I will explain South Africa’s foreign policy and national security concerns over the ongoing conflict in Syria. In order to understand how Syria developed into its current state, I will then provide an overview of the history of the country. The history will begin at the end of World War I after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and will then continue through French control and the subsequent uprising. It will then proceed on to World War II, the founding of the Baath Party, and the joining of the United Arab Republic. As the overview approaches the 21st century, I will briefly cover the rise of Assad, the war with Israel, and the uprising in Hama. Lastly, I will cover the Assad succession, tensions with the United States, and on through the nationwide uprising of 2011. In the next section of this paper, I will cover South Africa’s foreign policy concerns with Syria including statements they have made and their general feelings and opinions of the ongoing situation. Next, I will elaborate on South Africa’s foreign policies regarding Syria. This section will include what intervention they advocate, their policies on refugees, and their overall belief of what should be done about the conflict. Finally, the paper will draw to a close with a conclusion concerning what should be done about the conflict in Syria.
Background to the Problem: The history of the contemporary state now known as Syria began with The Sykes-Picot Agreement between the French
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