South Africa's National Security Strategy

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Many scholars emphasis that every country must have reasonable strategy after defining what their vital interests and national interests are. According to Hauter (2013), a National Security Strategy has been the most crucial element missing in South Africa's overall policy framework and this largely explains why most security related policies and strategies have largely been based on the perceptions of the policy writers or strategists of what national security entails. Some scholars have added that the National Security Strategy needs to be holistic in nature to include every recognised aspect of security (Waag, 2011). According to (Waag, 2011) the National Security Strategy should always be designed in simplicity when it comes to strategy. The most simplistic way of looking at a strategy is that it must include the three most basic elements i.e the ends that must be achieved, the ways of achieving the ends and then the means with which to achieve them (Waag, 2011). The ultimate test for South Africa today is whether the three elements are in balance with one another.
As mentioned by Heitman (2011) South African foreign policy and long-term economic policy should provide the basis for a National Security Strategy and later on develop a security policy, which includes defence and internal security and finally an intelligence policy to…
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