South Alabama College Experience Essay

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Imagine growing up in a turbulent environment for 17 long years, with no one to understand you and with the thought of not fitting in with others around you. Growing up I never went anywhere and never had many friends. Often, I always thought I was missing something in my life until I toured South Alabama. It opened eyes up to serenity; which I had never been exposed to. After visiting the school, a love for it grew strong in my heart and I, eventually did further research on it and learned that it had a lot to offer; on both an educational level and a socializing level. A lot of information was gained from the research. The three main reasons that caused me to really and truly want to attend are because of diversity, distance, and college…show more content…
The college offers a well-rounded educational experience with high standards, with small class sizes for hands on research opportunities. The school has numerous organization and programs to ensure that each student is able to stay focus and stay on top of things with each other, socially and educationally. South Alabama is ranked as one of the top 10 schools in the nation. By the schools ranking, its research opportunity/ resources is very sufficient and state of the art. If admitted I plan to take advantage of the college experience, by joining in a few organizations such as SGA, Beta Club, and National Technical Honors and by studying all the resourceful information to become the best computer engineer I can be. Attending South Alabama would mean the world to me. If accepted and given the opportunity to have a South Alabama experience and education, I would make the most of it. I plan to stay focused and pay attention to ensure future success and making sure I am headed in the right direction. I understand that every decision I make between now and in college is essential for my life beyond college, but before I get to that point I must stay focused and on task to ensure everything goes
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