South Amboy Recovery Case Study

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Natural and man-made disasters have increased in the past decade, and due to these changes, Emergency Managers had to make drastic changes in order to improve the way first responders operate in a disaster area. The City of South Amboy is located in Middlesex County, near the bay area, and according to the 2010 census have a community of approximately 8,631 residents. Most of the city’s revenues rely on local business such as restaurants, bars and stores, most of those businesses employ local individuals; however, in the past five years the town had been flooded several times causing several thousands of dollars in damages and leaving people without jobs. On October 30, 2012 the city of South Amboy was struck by super storm Sandy, the City…show more content…
The State of New Jersey assisted the citizens of South Amboy by providing them with low interest loans in order for them to begin the recovery phase, also the Governor of New Jersey declared a State of Emergency in the area of disaster in order to obtain Federal funds to assist the community. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), came into the area within hours and provided the members of the community with money in order to assist them with the recovery phase and cover some of the losses the citizens encountered after super storm sandy struck the city of South…show more content…
Baird, Ph.D., P.E.,2010). Members of the community often suffer from psychological issues after a disaster, those needs are not always addressed during the recovery phase due to the lack of funding, emergency managers should coordinate along with nonprofit organizations in order to provide psychological needs to the community. The City of South Amboy’s environment could be impacted during a disaster; however, they have environmental laws in place to avoid such incidents. The economic sector still suffers during floods in the City of South Amboy; however, after the implementation of the new mitigation efforts and continuity plans, the economic sector usually recuperates quicker than before. The Infrastructure had suffered tremendously during floods in the area; however, due to the mitigation efforts implemented by the Local and State Government, the impact of flooding in the structures of the City of South Amboy had reduced tremendously due to the raising of structures located near the bay
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