South Americans In The Workplace: A Case Study

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Unlike ethnic Mexicans, South Americans have been able to integrate into the labor market. This is due to the fact that they were not seeking low wage jobs, rather most seeking employment had high levels of education and hoping for professional positions. Marilyn Espitia explains that this was due to the “unstable economic structure of many South American countries”, which offered low wage professional employment opportunities. (Espitia, 2006, p.267). This created a perception of South Americans that vastly contrasted that of the ethnic Mexicans, for South Americans were not seen as the un-educated competition, but rather were seen as professional counterparts. Moreover, because South Americans were looking to have employment in professional…show more content…
Social status is determined by a person’s standing within any given society, based on social norms. Out of the Mexicans who chose to immigrate to the United States, most tended to be of low educational levels. This resulted in most earning lower wages that provided them with the only enough money for necessities and money to return to family members. Because socially constructed norms associate wealth with prestige and status, most Mexicans did not fit into the U.S. societies desired status. Gutiérrez explains that studies show that today, simply for being Mexican, regardless of generation, they are making anywhere from 25-86 percent less than non-Hispanic whites (Gutiérrez 2006). This ideal continues to be an issue among wages of Mexicans, and it is negatively affecting their economic status within the States, and it serves to highlight the belittlement and inferior mentality of ethnic Mexicans by U.S. born. Additionally, much like legality played a role in Mexicans labor market integration, their lack of legal status has also affected their social status within the community. Due to citizenship being a qualifying factor for membership into the community, preconceived notions of illegality following Mexicans, regardless of their status; has prevented them from accepted into society, therefore they have not been given an opportunity to determine their social position. As a
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