South Asian Community, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh

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Misssionay , Refuge Church, Lynnwood, WA Chiang Mai, Thailand — 2011-2014 ● To serve, counsel, and encourage the foreigner prisoners from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria etc. in Chiang Mai (Thailand) Prison. ● To work with the Pakistani Christians asylum seekers in Chiang Mai, Thailand who had to flee from their homeland due to severe maltreatment. ● To teach the English as a second language via Christian education in the South Asian community. Refuge Liaison/ESL Teacher, World Relief Seattle, Washington — 2010-2011 • To build up relationships with Arabic speaking families, assist them to learn English, and adjust their life in a new culture. • To enhance their basic literacy skill so, they will be able to function in their new milieu. Proprietor / Flooring Installer, S & J Service, L.L.C. Everett, Washington — 2007-2011 Owned and operated flooring installation business. Small Group Leader, Refuge Church, Lynnwood, WA Everett, Washington --- 2009-2011 Language Teacher (Urdu & English), Gujrat, Pakistan Gujrat, Pakistan – 2001-02 • To build up relationship with Pakistani Christian community and help them to learn the basic everyday life literacy skills. • To help the Pakistani Christian community to learn from each other, and endeavor to eradicate illiteracy from Pakistani Christian community Faith Story In my childhood, it was tough and challenging, in many ways,
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