South Asian Women

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Although CBT is promoted by most psychological professionals and much of the research conducted on this psychological orientation thus far proves its efficacy, like a majority of past research, it was primarily conducted using a white population. Due to the lack of research, there is no way to assert CBT is the best treatment option for the specific population of South Asian female immigrants, even though this population suffers from mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, that CBT is known for treating. South Asian female immigrants experience elevated levels of psychological distress than their white counterparts. Additionally, this population is more likely to experience depression, commit deliberate…show more content…
Furthermore, even if the woman is aware that she is being abused, she may decide not to report the abuse due to various forms of support she receives from her partner. An anonymous survey conducted with South Asian women from ages 18-62 showed that 50.6% of the participants reported that they do not disclose the abuse because their partner provides them with financial and/or social support (Raj & Silverman, 2003). Because these women are less likely to report their experiences with domestic abuse, if they are fortunate enough to escape the abusive household at all, the intensity of the mental illnesses they may develop caused by this abuse is likely to higher due the prolonged time they spent in this toxic situation (Ellsberg et al., 2008).
In addition to being more likely to suffer from domestic abuse and therefore develop several mental disorders CBT is known to treat, South Asian women are also more likely to have negative help-seeking attitudes; these attitudes are influence by several factors related to South Asian culture. In many South Asian countries, mental illness is attached to an enormous amount of stigma, and is rarely treated like a health problem. Because of this cultural climate, South Asian women have an extremely difficult time not
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