South Carolina Descriptive Essay

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South Carolina Stepping out of my silver 2008 Nissan Altima, the blistering heat is impossible to ignore. Feeling the moist humidity of the air along with the aggressive beating down of the sun almost immediately draws sweat. A crisp breeze washes over me, bringing forth the aromatic scent of fresh pine. The red dirt road brings an unforgettable memory of wrecking bikes and drifting four-wheelers.
Seeing aquatic blue lake house and the large, screened in, cedar wood deck reminds me of the time my mother, stepfather, and I would invite our local friends over. We would watch the South Carolina Gamecocks play football and grill out on the large, black, charcoal grill that sat in front of the deck itself. The house was perfect; neither too big nor too small. Though it was built with wood painted with the distinct blue, it stood on a brick foundation.
The deck was the second most used asset to the house besides the living room as far as entertainment. No matter how bad the rain was or how perfect the weather could be, we would always reside here when we had a football game to watch. We had a large, cedar table in the middle of the deck so that we could have enough room for multiple people to have a spot. The chairs we picked for this table were also cedar wood with burgundy red cushions.
From the sliding door entrance on the deck, the house opened to a large living room connected to a dining room in the far-left corner. The soft, short cut carpet was the same color blue as
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