South Carolina 's Total Land Area Essay

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. As of 2011, South Carolina has 13,120.5 acres of forestland. This is nearly 67% of the state’s total land area. Out of all of the forestland in South Carolina, 88% is privately owned. 63% of the privately owned forestland is family-owned. The average family-owned forestland is 80 acres, and around 56% of private forest owners live on their land. 12% of South Carolina’s forestland is publicly owned, or owned and managed by forest industries. These forest industries own nearly 137,400 acres. This number is down 93% from where it was in 2001, and it is continuing to decline.
According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the total area of forestland in South Carolina slightly declined between 2011 and 2014. The 2014 estimate of forestland acreage in South Carolina was 12,974.1. This showed a decrease of about 1.12%. This seems to contradict the stats given by the South Carolina Forestry Association in 2015, which say that South Carolina’s forests contain 25 billion cubic feet of wood, which they say is more than at any time during the last century. The South Carolina Forestry Association also says that South Carolina’s hardwood and softwood forests are both growing more wood than is able to be harvested. The United States Department of Agriculture shows that the number of live trees on forestland in South Carolina actually decreased by 4.1 percent from 2011 to 2014. The number of live trees decreased from 10.1 billion in 2011 to 9.7 billion in 2014. The volume of
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