South Dakota Essay

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South Dakota has a large variety of wild game and fish species. Some are found in all areas of South Dakota. The two different species of deer we have is Mule deer Mostly found on the west side of South Dakota. And the white tail is mostly everywhere is South Dakota. South Dakota is known for its out Standing hunting and fishing. As most of you guys know the Pheasant is a very popular species thats hunted in South Dakota. You can find most of these animals all around the beautiful state of South Dakota. They can be found with a little of handwork and time.
The fishing here and the surrounding states is awesome. The Mane fish are Walleye, Perch, and bass. The state record Largemouth bass is 9 pounds. The state record walleye is 16 pounds.
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Most of the search are gonna be next to the weeds or some rocks or timber under the water. If you have a dock that is also a very good spot for bass, walleye, and perch. Make sure you use braided line when you fish for walleye.
The deer in South Dakota have really good ears and eyes. They have excellent noses so ignorer to get in shooting range with a bow you must be sneaky and cannot smell. Mule deer are usually bedded next two mountains or spots where they can lay against something. You will spook these animals if you get to close because where they lay echoes the noises. You can tell its a mule deer by the horns, the way they run, and there tail. Mule deers antlers are more straight up and very tall. The way they run is more like a really long jump every time. There tail in black surrounded by white and brown.
White tails can become huge by what they eat. The nutrients goes into there horns and keeps them getting bigger during the summers. Some white tails can grow drop tines or kickers. Kickers are usually are of the g2 or g1. Each horn has a name and the first one is G1 and then G2 etc. Most deers that have drop tines are at the end of the antler because they cant grow of the middle or the biggining of the antler. White tails are more of golden body deer. They Can weigh up to 300 pounds. The Trophy bucks are ones that score up to 190+ inches. You score a buck bye taking measurements of the antlers. Each antler can get up to around 90
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