South Dakota Oil Pipeline Research Paper

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The protest of the South Dakota oil pipeline seems to be getting so bad that it is becoming dangerous for the protesters. The use of excessive force by the police towards the protesters is in some cases life threading the use of rubber bullets, tear gas and high powered water houses in the dead of winter where temperature are below freezing at night it’s sickening that they can use such extreme measures . The people of the standing rock reservation are only fighting for the safety of their water and ecosystem and they are being treated like criminals. I worry with the election of trump the chances are that there is nothing they can do to put a stop to the pipeline I find it extremely hard to believe he is going to side with the protesters. What if the pipeline is happening…show more content…
More people will continue to suffer for no reason because our government doesn’t care about the cleanliness of your water look at flint they still suffer with water issues. Is this how it’s going to work whenever we oppose the government’s decisions we will be forced to comply by trumps army of racists? Think of how many lives will be affected by this pipeline and trump doesn’t care it’s all about money that’s all that matters to him and the oil companies they will always win they are just too powerful and to rich. I hope people really realize how bad it really is for these protesters, the pain they are enduring all to protect what’s theirs form contamination and if trump doesn’t stand up for them he doesn’t deserve to be our president. The president is suppose to protect his people and keep them safe and help his people what Donald trump does in his first month of office will determine whether or not he is impeached of not. In my opinion, I think president Obama in his last weeks in office will do the right thing and stand up for the people of standing rock reservation even if the help is taken away after trump is in
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