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South Delaware Coors, Inc | | | Case # 4 South Delaware Coors, Inc. 10/28/2008 Problem Statement Which research studies should Larry ask Mason and Associates to complete? Upon consideration of the research study results, is this new business venture a go? Alternatives Larry has several different options to choose from with respect to research studies that can be completed. As long as he stays at or under his $15,000 budget he can request that any combination of studies be completed by Mason and Associates. Larry was presented with 9 different research studies that may be of assistance to him in deciding whether or not this truly is a ‘golden’ opportunity. The second part of the problem statement requires…show more content…
However, he is in graduate school perusing an M.B.A. There is constraint as to which retailers will be able to carry the product since the retailer will have to be licensed to sell alcohol in their establishment. Financial Condition Larry has $15,000 available for research and $500,000 for investment into estimated at $90,000 per year. A research estimate of beer sales in the South Delaware area is needed in order to determine if the business will be profitable. Management philosophy There is not enough information to determine the management philosophy of the potential Coors distributorship. Organizational structure Larry plans on having four route salespeople, a secretary, a warehouse manager, as well as himself as the distributorship owner. Organizational culture Case Study # 1: South Delaware Coors, Inc. | | | Case Study # 1: South Delaware Coors, Inc. Analysis Summary Main Problems Two issues are present in the case. The first is a decision on what research should be conducted by Manson and Associates to allow Larry Brownlow to estimate the feasibility of a Coors beer distributorship for a two-county area in Delaware. This issue is evident, even stressed, throughout the case. The second issue is a decision on whether or not the distributorship is feasible or, in other words, a go/no-go decision by Brownlow regarding his application. This issue is largely implicit in the case.

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