South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study

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South Delaware Coors, Inc. Case Study Problem Mr. Larry Brownlow needs to decide whether or not to apply for the Coors distributorship in southern Delaware. SWOT Analysis This outlines the strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats that will aid Mr. Brownlow in making a decision. Strengths • Coors brand is a well established brand • Product is profitable • Socially Responsible and “ Green” organization • There is a demand for the beer • Mr. Brownlow (Manager) has a personality that suits this type of business • The product is viewed as a quality product Weaknesses • Time constraint • Insufficient funds for an entire feasibility study • Pressures of his studies Opportunities • To be the owner of a…show more content…
In deciding to invest the funds Larry would always “not know”. He will “not know” if he had a real opportunity or not to be an entrepreneur and operate his own small business. If Larry chooses the third option, that is, to continue with graduate school and the use of Manson and Associates he would be able to attain his goal of receiving his MBA sooner as opposed to later. At the end of the study he would also have the pertinent information available to him that would help him on deciding if operating a Coors distributorship is the best decision for him and his family at this time. If he chooses this option because of limited funds he has to be selective on what research should be conducted. With the pressures of his studies and a deadline that is fast approaching Larry may not select the research that would provide him with the necessary information to make the correct decision. The use of Manson and Associates to conduct the study does not automatically translate to a study in which the end results would be in Mr. Brownlow’s best interests. At the end of the study he could very well be out of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) and not choose to become a Coors distributor. Recommendation I would recommend that Larry Continue with graduate school and employ the services of Manson and Associates to conduct the feasibility research. Larry is passionate about

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